A River to Cross

The Stones of Gilgal, Book 2

While the Jordan slowly rises to an impassable, raging torrent, Othniel, Acsah and their friends discover that there are other rivers to cross. Sorting through the rubble resulting from Balaam’s Curse for pieces of the simple and innocent life they lived before the Midianite War, they find everything changed. Settled relationships have become most unsettling, and new responsibilities of leadership unleash floods of disappointment, grief, and fear.

Meanwhile, the first taste of the Land of Milk and Honey proves to be bitter as poison and nearly as deadly for Salmon who, along with a young man from the tribe of Ephraim, is handpicked by Joshua to cross the Jordan and spy out the long promised inheritance. When Rahab spies the foolishly naïve Israelites detained in the marketplace, she risks her life to save them and secure a promise of escape from her life of terror in Jericho.

In the midst of all this, Moses gathers his people one last time to bid farewell before his death. Their mountain of strength is gone, replaced by the frail shadow of his aide and forty-year disciple. Yahweh has made it clear that Joshua is his choice, but the people have little confidence that this hesitant man can lead them across the river.

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