Sword Swash Bible studies

Sword Swash

Bible Study Training Manual
for Warriors in the Great Cosmic Battle

The Word of God flashes with life-changing light, more powerful than a two-edged sword, more formidable than a Jedi light saber. It has the surgical precision to excise the cancer of Satanic lies and every root of pride within us. It has the power to blast through the gates of hell to defeat the enemy and rescue captives from his clutches. These Sword Swash studies will help you understand the world view behind the Stones of Gilgal Novels—but above all—they are intended to improve your warrior skills for the Great Cosmic War.

Introduction: Introduction to Sword Swash Bible Studies

Sword Swash 1: In the Beginning . . .

Sword Swash 2: The Power of a Plural Singularity

Sword Swash 3: Genesis Too!

Sword Swash 4: Love, Love, Love

Sword Swash 5: Sword Swash 5: Is Shame The Final Word?

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