Othniel – A different kind of hero

The Stones of Gilgal Novels follow the epic adventures of a group of ordinary young Israelites. As they battle evil together, they sink their roots deeper and deeper into the bedrock of Truth and Love, slowing being transformed from a stand of saplings to a forest of giants, Oaks of Righteousness for the display of God’s splendor.

Meet Othniel~

Caleb’s silent and reserved nephew, quietly on the way to his heroic destiny as Israel’s first Warrior-Judge. (Judges 3:7-11)

From A RIVER TO CROSS, Othniel on the morning of Moses’ first farewell speech:

The first morning murmurings suddenly exploded into chattering expectancy. The long, low wail of a trumpet summons aroused the camp, but silenced the dawn bird chorus. Othniel gulped down the last few bites of manna porridge and smiled at the irony. Those warblers have more sense than we do. They sing out their joy at first light, but know enough to stop and listen at the sound of the trump.
     “What are you snorting about now, Oth?” Seraiah asked with a grin.
Othniel blushed and shrugged. “Didn’t know I was snorting.”
“You always snort when you think of something clever. What now, older and wiser brother?”
“Just admiring the birds. They don’t chatter about what they don’t understand.” He rose and began sloshing his bowl in the wash pot.
“What? You think I’m chattering?”
“Judge yourself. I was talking about the pointless palaver all over camp.” He set his bowl out to dry and pulled a warm cloak around his shoulders. “Everyone seems bent on predicting what’s going to happen. Better to wait and see.” He ended the conversation abruptly by heading down the tent row toward the meadow southeast of camp.

Book One- Balaam’s Curse http://bit.ly/STONES1

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Book Two- A River to Cross http://bit.ly/STONES2