Text - The Stones of Gilgal, an epic series of Biblical novels
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By C.L. Smith

An old story emerges from the mists of ancient biblical history as a freshly told epic saga. Moving forward in his plan to defeat the stranglehold of Evil on planet Earth, Yahweh freed the Exodus generation from the bondage of Egyptian slavery with a magnificent display of power. Their mission was to free Canaan from the grip of darkness and set up a center of goodness and light—but they failed miserably. Now a new generation of untested, youthful warriors fills the ranks of Joshua’s army. Can they cross the Jordan and dislodge the dark powers entrenched in their ancient homeland?

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Book cover of Trouble in the Ruins by C.L. Smith

Balaam's Curse

The storm god Baal awakes. An evil prophet unleashes every weapon in his evil arsenal against the Children of Israel. Kings of Moab and Midian conspire to annihilate them. Can their plight get any worse?

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Book cover of Trouble in the Ruins by C.L. Smith

A River to Cross

Joshua’s army stands on the brink of the Jordan. Their mission: Cross the river. Claim the Promised Land. How could these untested, youthful warriors guess they are about to plunge headlong into a life-or-death struggle with entrenched Evil?

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Trouble in the Ruins

After Joshua leads the children of Israel across the Jordan, the entire land is in turmoil. Canaanite kings, pagan priests, and Anakim giants jostle for power in new alliances. But they cannot stop the invading armies of Yahweh. 

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“I don’t know when I’ve read work by an author who can make you feel and experience the sliminess of sin and the pure essence of God in all his white-light holiness. I wouldn’t have thought it possible to put the reader right in the middle of Old Testament happenings, but C. L. Smith has done it.”

Inger J. Logelin

Senior Editor, Redemption Press

3 maps from the Stones of Gilgal books

Detailed Downloadable and Printable maps from each of the Stones of Gilgal books.

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