Balaam’s Curse

The Stones of Gilgal, Book 1

If you think you remember the story of Balaam and his talking donkey from Sunday School, think again. Thwarted in his attempt to curse Israel, the prophet joins forces with supernatural powers to unleash a deadly plot against the twelve tribes of Israel. Forming a coalition with five Midianite kings and the ruthlessly ambitious Princess Cozbi, he sets in motion schemes so twisted that the name of Balaam is used as a synonym for seductive evil a thousand years later in the Book of Revelation.

Balaam’s Curse is an epic telling of the resulting deception, revolt, plague, and war that trap the Children of Israel in the Valley of Acacias east of the Jordan for months. This gripping tale of mayhem and miracles is peopled by well known Biblical characters – Moses, Caleb and Joshua – but the story is that of the next generation, young people nurtured in a simple wilderness life, who find themselves in a life or death struggle that tests their strength and batters their faith before they’ve even crossed the Jordan River into Canaan.

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