Trouble in the Ruins

COMING SOON – The Stones of Gilgal, Book 3

Return to the turbulence of ancient Canaan in Book Three of The Stones of Gilgal. The Israelites have just crossed the raging floods of the Jordan River and are settling into their new camp near the city of Jericho. Meanwhile, the Canaanite kingdoms are in turmoil. Pagan kings, priests, and Anakim giants jostle for power in new alliances—united only in their determination to eradicate every descendant of Jacob forever.

But they cannot stop the invading armies of Yahweh. When the massive fortifications of Jericho collapse, Salmon rushes into the ruins to save Rahab, the shrewd and beautiful harlot who had previously rescued him and his fellow spy from certain death. But escaping from the crumbling city will not be easy—and it’s only the beginning of the tests of faith and courage that they and their friends face as they navigate this strange and dangerous new Promised Land.

The Israelites’ next step, a highly significant pilgrimage to Shechem in the heart of Canaan, seems fairly straightforward. Moses’ writings give clear instructions for finding the exact place and what to do there. But nothing could prepare them for the troubles, heartbreak, and treachery they will encounter along the way.