Light vs Darkness

Celebrating Light

I love celebrating Christmas with Light. Light brings beauty and joy to these short dark days of winter: Lights on our Christmas tree. Candles on the table. And this lighted nativity scene in my kitchen window. Today, I will tuck the Christmas decorations back in their boxes. But I won’t look back with nostalgia or sadness. I’m looking forward to a New Year with thankfulness for the Creator of Light. 

The dark forces of evil muddle true light into confusing grays. Confusion stirs anger, division, and the political conflicts dominating the news. But this is not new. The battle between light and darkness started “In the Beginning.” It is the theme of the Bible. Deceit and treachery blast into God’s beautiful new world in the third chapter and do not end until the final pages of Revelation. The good news is that God is able to divide light from darkness. And he calls us to be warriors of love and light.

“Anyone who loves his brother or sister lives in the light . . . Anyone who hates a brother or sister is in darkness and walks around in darkness.” (Dig deeper into Bible truth. 1 John 2:3-11 and Genesis 1:1-5)

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