Valentine-style Love

You have probably heard the legend of St Valentine—a young man chained in a Roman prison, writing a letter to the girl of his dreams and signing it “from your Valentine” shortly before he was beheaded for his faith. The actual history of the man is murky at best. There are records of three different men named Valentine, all possible candidates for the “real” St. Valentine. All three lived in the latter part of the third century C.E. under the cruel tyranny of Rome. All three had heard the story of the extravagant love of God as revealed in Christ. All three were convinced that living for God’s kingdom of love was worth dying for. And all three men died martyr’s deaths, beheaded at the hand of Claudius II, emperor of Rome.

So, on a holiday dedicated to love, take the opportunity to tell your family and friends how much they mean to you.  But don’t forget the story of the men who gave their name to this holiday. Imperial Rome eventually collapsed, but the kingdom of Love is still growing. No kingdom or political force dependent on the power of the sword will last. Choose the only power worth living for. Live Valentin-style love all year round.

That love is the theme of The Stones of Gilgal saga. It is the story of God planting a nation ruled by love in the heart of Ancient Canaan. The plan was glorious. Human failure dismal. But God’s Love will triumph in the end. Check out the books at